What is Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicine and health sciences. It is based on sound fundamental principles and follows unique approaches towards life, preservation of health and treatment of various diseases.

Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma treatments aims at removal of dosha from the place of their origin so as to break the vicious circle and thereby aims at the radical eradication of the disease process. Different treatments in this are,

- Apatharpana [Depleting Therapy]

  • Lightening therapy
  • Fomentation therapy
  • Drying therapy
- Santharapana [Nourishing theraph]
  • Tonification therapy

What is Oleation ?

Internal intake of Ghee oil, whenever a healthcare or treatment is planned for an individual three steps are followed,
- Elimination of the vitiated dosha and accumulated mala from the body.
- Destruction of the atmosphere in which the vitiation of dosha or disease progress is going on and alleviation of the vitiated dosha.
- Avoidance of the external causative factors.

Purification Therapy

Shodana is the complete purification of body through the suitable use of Panchakarma therapy which includes,
- Vamana [emetic therapy]
- Virechana [purgation therapy]
- Asthapana Vasthi [medicated decoction enema]
- Anuvasana Vasti [medicated oils enema]
- Nasya [inhalation of medicine through nose]

Before indicating a particular Panchakarma procedure, the patient is examined thoroughly, including his prakurthi and then pre-procedures to dislodge the toxins from the body is conducted.

  • Snehana (oleation)
  • Swedana (sudation)

These two procedures are done before the selected Panchakarma procedure is carried out with the help of herbal formulation which are also selected based on the nature of the disease, the post-procedures include proper prescription of dietary articles and advice for proper a regimen to stabilize the digestive power of the person.

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