What is Svedana ?

Svedana means fomentation or heating therapy. After Snehana (oil application), it is very effective to open the mouth or srotas of cellular membranes, which allow the impurities to come out, obstructed material is liquefied by heating and mobilisht to come in the Koshtha. Usually in all vata and kappa diseases, swedana is done as its qualities are opposite to those of both the doshas. Which produce sweat, are called sweda and the procedure is called svedana.


  • • Tapa sveda – solid material like sand, bricks and stones are heated and covered with a piece of cloth and applied on the body.
  • • Upanaha sveda – semisolid material like cooked grains or poultices are applied on the body.
  • • Ushma sveda – Parisheka (Heated oil, water, milk, decoctions.)
  • • Pinda sweda – In pinda sveda made using medicinal plants, cereals. These herbs packs are used to massage the whole body or an affected area. This treatment which have the property of relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness problems.
  • • Sankar Sveda – Mixed fomentation
  • • Prastara Sveda – hot bed fomentation of particular herbal luguids.
  • • Parisheka Sveda – Affusion sudation
  • • Avagahana sveda (Herbal bath) – Tub bath in a warm house sudation
  • • Kuti sveda – Special cabin sudation

Indications of Swedana

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